BAM Academy


Price includes a ticket to the LACE UP TOUR: a 1-day event hosted by parkour professionals, including Jesse La Flair!

1st day of Camp everyone will be grouped into 2 teams, of mixed age and abilities. Every day will start with a warm 15-20 minute warm followed by 2 hours of Level 1,2 or 3 training (or review), re-enforcing, safe efficient movement.

**With the Teen Camp additional activities, like "Saber" training, basic tumbling, and trampoline concepts, will be introduced during the camp as well.**

Afterward, every camper will have many hours of Free Movement and Play. During this time they’ll be grouped into new groups based on abilities, working with a coach and being introduced to appropriate skill Parkour games and challenges.

Training and play will be broken up into two 20 minute mandatory Snack times, and one 60 minute Lunch.

The last 30 minutes of the camp will consist of mandatory stretching and cooldown.

Day by Day breakdown:

Days 1-3 will be focused on learning and improve skills related to our Level 1,2 or 3 BAM Academy Curriculum

Day 4 will be focused on Team based challenges. These challenges will help foster team building skills as well as efficiency and flow; further developing the skills they learned in days 1-3.

Day 5 will go over obstacle and speed courses. They will get to use and test out all the skills they learned during the week. Finishing the week with a timed Team obstacle course.

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