Virtual Escape Room Adventures

Brain Chase


The adventure awaits! Join kids from around the globe in treasure hunts and escape room challenges. Students compete in weekly academic challenges with access to premium electives. Academic challenges unlock new Brain Chase episodes, which hold clues for the real buried treasure. The first ones to correctly identify the location of the buried treasure will get to fly out to the location to dig up the treasure and claim a cash prize!

Packages start at $79 (less than $10/week) and go up to $239. 

Brain Chase Adventures Include:

  • Personalized learning with Rosetta Stone, Google Books, Khan Academy and many other partners.
  • Three real-life adventure tools, mailed to you!
  • Weekly, clue-filled animated episodes with Mae Merriweather and friends.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed! Cancel within the program's first week for a full refund.

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