French-to-Music, K-3rd (at Magellan)



Open to students at The Magellan International School. Held at Magellan Anderson Ln. campus.

Bienvenue to French-to-Music!!

We are a fabulous physical and mental fitness class whereby kiddos absorb and retain French language concepts completely passively! You know how you recall certain ad jingles from ages ago?? Voilà, how French-to-Music works, in a nutshell!

Singing, skipping, dancing, deep breathing, being [still], running, puppeteering, storytelling, playing [guessing and memory] games… along with a language concept based jingle here and there (Total Physical Response + ad jingle methods) and suddenly… we are reciting French at the dinner table. As an added value, we provide parents access to embarrassing but free homemade sing-along videos that the kiddos can share with the family (which will help reinforce the concepts)!

One song at a time,
In no time you will see,
New concepts sticking in your heads,
How fun and easy a new language can be!
With our puppet friends, guessing games,
Hokey-pokeying too,
The mysterious “sac magique,”
Some running about…
It’s how we do what we do!

(Total Physical Response method)





Please reach out any time as we are always grateful for ideas, suggestions and feedback.

Phone: 512-553-9183  

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