Rural Youth Entrepreneurship Program

The PlatForum Academy

7-14 years


In-home Lessons

Recurring Classes/Lessons


The PlatForum Academy's Rural Youth Entrepreneurship Program gives local mentors and parents the content and community they need to confidently walk kids through the process of identifying a passion, and turning that passion into a business they are proud of! 

 Participate IN-PERSON or VIRTUALLY through our private Facebook group if you don't live near Fayette County, TX!

A sneak peek inside the program

  • Access to Detailed and Specific Curriculum For Your Young Entrepreneur
  • Interactive Worksheets That Lead Your Kid to Connect With Local Mentors and Businesses
  • Use of Private The PlatForum Academy Facebook Group to Connect With Like-Minded Parents
  • Webinars and Tutorials That Walk You Through The Program

Kid creator's virtual pitch

Our in-person program runs from June 24th, 2019, and culminates on August 3rd with the entrepreneurs presenting and pitching their businesses to their local community. Prizes and awards are available.

Real-world tools and experiences

Kids in the program will gain experienc with the following:

  • Web development tools
  • Team and project management
  • Resume building
  • Community engagement and collaboration


 Not near our Fayette County locations

No worries! Join our community of both local and virtual participants.

Your child will have access to the SAME mentors using our safe, 24/7 online community within The PlatForum.

Kids who follow along virtually will also participate in our Kid Creator Pitch, and have the opportunity to win real prizes!

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