Wonderful Web (virtual and in-person)

My Coding Place


Don't miss 25% off last Summer Camp of 2020 (virtual and in-person option available)! Join us at our studio or online to learn a fun, cool skill!

This camp introduces ages 8+ to the cool web technologies of HTML and CSS that form web pages! Learn techniques to design and build a basic web page with animated graphics and learn about the underlying frameworks and scripting languages that can power websites.

Examples of projects include a greeting card, recipe, and custom page on student interest such as cars or sports. The Javascript programming language will be introduced but not explored in depth. Cost is $185 for virtual half-day or $395 for full-day in-person camps.

Website:  http://www.mycodingplace.com

Registration: http://app.iclasspro.com/portal/mycodingplace

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