Summer Springboard - Yale University

Summer Springboard


Founded in 1701, Yale University is one of the oldest Ivy League universities, and has been rated one of the most beautiful campuses.

During the Yale summer program, you will live surrounded by Gothic spires and Georgian cupolas and have access to Yale’s two art museums, gymnasiums, libraries, and beautiful leafy lawns on which to relax. Since we are based in the heart of New England with access to the premier facilities offered by Yale University, this program will combine time in the classroom with visits around the New Haven area. Students will have the chance to experience interesting tourist and academic-related locations to help broaden them experience and expose them to one of the most exciting areas of the East Coast. Additionally, we’ll enjoy the fun attractions in the vicinity. All excursions are included in the tuition and will be fully supervised by Summer Springboard staff.

Contact us at or (858) 780-5660.

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