Austin Table Tennis Association


This program is designed for both students who want to have fun with table-tennis, and students who seriously want to learn table-tennis and compete at local and national level. Each student will have a personal training plan which will be reevaluated during a parents/coach meeting every 2 months (2 times per semester). Qualifications: - Must be at least 6 years old - Willing to commit time and effort into table-tennis. *For all first time students in this program, there will be a $15 registration fee assessed. Spring Semester Training Schedule Start Date: January 8th 2018 End Date: June 3rd 2018 There is no training from March 12th to March 18th (Spring Break). Available Time Slots Tuesday: 4:30-6pm; 6-7:30pm Friday: 4:30-6pm; 6-7:30pm Saturday: 10:30-12pm; 1-2:30pm; 2:30-4pm; 4-5:30pm Sunday: 10:30-12pm; 1-2:30pm; 2:30-4pm; 4-5:30pm This training plan is designed especially for students who want to have fun with table-tennis and at the same time want to learn and improve the basic technique of table-tennis.It includes 1 group lesson per week totaling 20 group lessons.The fee is for Club Members $600 per athlete for the entire semester; Non Club Members add $5 daily fee per session/athlete (totaling $100). Class size: up to 1:3

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