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This program is designed for both students who want to have fun with table-tennis, and students who seriously want to learn table-tennis and compete at local and national level. Each student will have a personal training plan which will be reevaluated during a parents/coach meeting every 2 months (2 times per semester). Qualifications: - Must be at least 6 years old - Willing to commit time and effort into table-tennis. *For all first time students in this program, there will be a $15 registration fee assessed. Spring Semester Training Schedule Start Date: January 8th 2018 End Date: June 3rd 2018 There is no training from March 12th to March 18th (Spring Break). Available Time Slots Tuesday: 4:30-6pm; 6-7:30pm Friday: 4:30-6pm; 6-7:30pm Saturday: 10:30-12pm; 1-2:30pm; 2:30-4pm; 4-5:30pm Sunday: 10:30-12pm; 1-2:30pm; 2:30-4pm; 4-5:30pm This training plan is our most advanced Table Tennis program and it is designed for students who want to excel at national and international level. It focuses on drills aiming at stroke perfection and on the importance of the psychological aspect in table tennis, that is to say the importance of the strategy and tactics during the matches. It includes 3 group lesson per week totaling 60 group lessons and 3 hours private session per week totaling 60 private sessions. Each student will have a personal training plan which will be reevaluated during a parent/coach meeting every 2 months. The fee for Club Members $3600 per athlete for the entire semester. It is not available to Non Club Members. Class Size: up to 1:3

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