Earth Native Wilderness School


Give your teen the ultimate adventure this summer with our Teen Wilderness Survival Overnight Camp. Guided by our expert survival instructors, your teen will learn some awe-inspiring survival skills and gain a new way to connect to the natural world. Outdoor survival skills are a great way to help your teen build confidence in the outdoors all while increasing their self-confidence and maturity. Your teen will leave this course with unique skills that they can be proud of. Your teen will learn to build their own shelter, to source materials from the landscape to aid in their quest for greater self-reliance, and how to use problem solving to create and use tools, all while increasing their connection to the world around them. This is an overnight camp. Food is provided starting Monday evening through breakfast & morning snack on Friday. Campers must provide their own tent and sleeping gear. We do have a limited amount of tents, sleeping mats, blankets and knives for use for a small additional fee. Please choose your rentals during registration.

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