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Inspiring and training the next generation of Engineers and Data Scientists, TquaredRobotics LLC is a company that offers Early Engineering Education Services, Research and Consultancy in Robotics & Data Science for youth! We take pride in inspiring and training  the next generation of technology & science innovators for engineering and robotics challenges.

Our Philosophy

Envision it. Engineer it. Make it work!

Robotics is at the forefront of technology. It is our mission to influence and inspire the next generation of engineers. Creative play is the first step toward innovation. We seek to provide education and critical thinking, as well as sportsmanship and interpersonal skills. We are not simply growing young minds, we are molding the future. 

Past Camps & Activities

TSquared Robotics, K-8th (MIS After School)

Sessions Sept. 12, 2018 - May 8, 2019

Open only to students at The Magellan International School. Held at the Magellan Anderson Ln. campus.

Wednesday Classes
Three Session Options (Choose one or do them all!)

Session 1: Sept 12 - Nov 14
Session 2: Nov 28 - Feb 20
Session 3: Mar 6 - May 8

Monday Classes 
Two Session ...

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