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The network, created by moms for moms, provides a user-friendly connection to local communities and a consolidated resource for local needs. From health, fitness, beauty, recipes, schools, sports, parks, camps, travel, parties, excursions, new products, activities, philanthropic causes and more, moms in our towns (and those surrounding) can now enjoy one curated singular site to be completely in the know.

Layla Lisiewski

Having left her life in the city and job in Finance, Layla Lisiewski, moved to Greenwich, CT with her  small children and craved a resource that would connect her to the town and keep her informed of all kid related activities and resources that were available. In 2015, Greenwich Moms was started and was an instant hit and word quickly spread to neighboring CT towns. In 2017, The Local Moms Network was launched as demand was heard from moms across the country for a similar resource.

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West University Moms Summer Camp Guide

4 - 17 yrs | Sessions Jan. 1, 2019 - Aug. 31, 2019

We are your go-to resource for everything in & around West University, Houston! If you are trying to figure out what to do on any given day, looking for mommy tips or simply staying in the know, West University Moms is your one-stop-shop. We were founded with the very simple ...

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