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We are a secular, STEAM+ private elementary school, open year-round that provides a comprehensive, individualized education so learners can select their own path and find their own strengths while being guided by highly qualified professionals.

We provide an inclusive environment regardless of race, color, religion/creed, gender, gender expression, age, ancestry, disability, or sexual orientation.

Our robust curriculum encourages whole-child growth. In order to provide complete support we also provide optional continuing education workshops for the entire family, offered at regular intervals for both free and fee, depending on topics and speakers.

A Learner-Centered education offes a fluid methodology created with the express purpose of providing an individualized approach for everyone. Gantry Academy draws from Natural Learning, Learner-Centered Education, and Project-Based Learning approaches to give each learner the autonomy to direct and achieve their own goals.

Past Camps & Activities

Summer Camp at Gantry Academy

5 - 11 yrs | Sessions July 15, 2019 - Aug. 30, 2019

Summer camp at Gantry Academy is open to ALL children regardless of enrollment at the school. Select the camps that are right for you, or try them all! Gantry Academy is a STEAM+ private elementary school, open year-round that provides comprehensive, individualized education, which drives a diverse offering of choice ...

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Gantry Academy

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